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Title: Chromecast 2- Latest Model And Chromecast Audio On Sale For $25 ($10 off)
Post by: Babyfacemagee on December 22, 2016, 02:59:06 AM

The latest model of the Chromecast, the Chromecast 2 is on sale right now for $25.  This is a brand new Chromecast.  This is not the original, older chromecast that looked like a plastic stick...this is the newer, more powerful, hockey puck shaped Chromecast.   Also on sale for $25 is Chromecasst Audio.     Stream your apps, movies, games etc to your television or large screen monitor from your Android or iOS device or just stream your audio to your old pair of speakers and link them up to your favorite music service.  Chromecast and Chromecast Audio are MUST HAVE devices to maximize your tvs and speakers in your home.  Grab your Chromecast 2 or Chromecast Audio on sale at the links below.

Chromecast 2 Only $25 ($10 Off) (

Chromecast Audio Only $25 ($10 Off)[ (