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Thank you for the link Laura! 

I went to their web page and apparently, there isn't an update.  I'm pretty happy with it though.  Have a great holiday! 

Thank you!

Hello All...

I've been away for a while...  Glad to see this site still up and running.   ;D

I use my Sero 7 Pro on a daily basis and have the Liquid Smooth ROM as my main ROM.  I was wondering if they update it like the others posted here?  I'm happy with the way it's working... but?  Always tinkering with new ways.

Thank ahead of time!

Thanks for the Article!!!

Sero 7 Pro Accessories / Re: which screen protector?
« on: November 07, 2014, 02:44:32 AM »
Another vote for the Illumishield.  It's been flawless on mine.

Pretty cool!  Thank you for posting the pictures!  I'm enjoying the modifications!

Thank you for the detailed information Laura!  It's very nice to have someone break it down like you do!  ;D

I went back to the Dopa ROM and really like it.  Gravity Box is really cool!  I've made a bunch of changes and it's awesome.  I've never tried Pie Control?  How does that work?  (BTW, Xposed installer says there is an update to Gravity Box. Should I install it from there?  Apparently there is a security risk.)

LiquidSmooth is nice too.... but Dopa seems to be more my style.  Now... I just would like to figure out the tools and settings more.  There's a re a bunch of settings/menus that I haven't tried yet....

Thanks for the advice on backing-up.  I made a full back-up with CWM of the Dopa.  (With all my apps installed.)   I guess I can always flash this again if I go to a new ROM in the future. 

Thank you for all your help.  I can't believe I finally took the plunge!  ;D

Ha!  No problem!  I've been messing around with both the Dopa and Liquid smooth...  I guess I'm wondering what all the fuss is about??  It looks and feels like the stock ROM.  Maybe the Dopa with Gravity box will allow more customization. 

I have a few questions!  (Jeeez, more??)

1. When I want to go from either ROM, I re-flash is again.  It's kind of a pain to do this but.... am I doing the right thing?  I mean... there's no way to just reboot into the other ROM "without" flashing right?

2.  Am I supposed to wipe the Dalvik cache every time?  And the "data" also?


you're welcome! 

Have fun with gravity box,  a treasure chest of customizations!

so, is gravity box part of liquid smooth?  I can't locate it.

Success! Thank you!!!   I have installed the new CWM and backed-up everything.   Question- How important is it to have a Gapps zip on the SD card when I flash Liquid smooth?

you have to flash the gapps.zip when you flash LiquidSmooth or liquidsmooth won't work. You're system will keep crashing every time you open an app. IF your tablet boots up.  But, after you flash the gapps.zip and you reboot your tablet you can delete it.  you're done with it.  You don't need to keep it on the sdcard after flashing.

Ahhhhh... see?  It's the little things that make the difference!  I would have never guessed about the gapps.zip (Flash).

Thanks again!

Success! Thank you!!!   I have installed the new CWM and backed-up everything.   Question- How important is it to have a Gapps zip on the SD card when I flash Liquid smooth?

Hi John.

so just to make sure you are at the spot I think you are:

you connected your tablet to the PC.
Then you clicked step 1 - which starts ADB.  You'll see it flash and then close.
then you clicked step 3 on the desk top.
after CWM flashed the tablet rebooted.

Now you are trying to get back into recovery?

if so, just power the tablet on as normal.
install quick boot from the play store:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.siriusapplications.quickboot
open quick boot and click Recovery.
This will boot the tablet to recovery.
confirm you have CWM.

Yes, I am exactly there!  Update:  It works!  I installed Quick boot and now I am able to see the CWM (v.

Thank you!!!   So apparently I needed to install quick boot?  BTW, I've completed a full backup of all my Apps etc. with ROM Toolbox lite.

Now... I can try to install Liquid smooth.   But first... I need to backup my ROM.  Correct?   Oh.... also... the three links you posted don't work...  Unless of course it's just me!  LOL...  Might be considering how this is going!  ;D

Thank you for the links Laura!  I appreciate the help.  Rooting was fairly easy.  I do have a hurdle though...

I am following the directions in the stickie and I can't seem to install CWM.  The table reboots and when I try to hold down the power and volume key, it just shuts off.

Any suggestions?

Update:   Well.... at least I'm rooted!!  Thanks everyone!

Now... I'm trying to install CWM  (Latest version) and trying to install the CWM (Version from Laura's Stickie).

Here's where I am confused...  Why install an older version (Stickie) when these newer ROM's require an updated version of CWM?

Should there be a Stickie with the latest ROM & Recovery links?   Thanks!

Cool, thanks.   I know this sounds like a crazy question... but where do I find the latest version of CWM??  Is it generic or is there a special version for the Sero 7?

Also... Fast boot?  I see a file was included in the Zip I extracted.  How does this work?

Thank you for your help!

Okay... I fixed it!   Seems I needed to instal a USB driver that was part of the package (Zip) I downloaded to my desktop.

My next question is... When installing CWM, can I used the one in the "stickie" of do I need to download the latest CWM?

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