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Hi everyone! startreksuite is my user name on most forums, and have been hanging out in Slatedroid, where I learned how to hack my Pandigital Novel white version. It is able to do more than the average ereader, but most smart phones would blow it out of the water. I mainly read comics, write word docs, play mahjong, and a crummy version of angry birds. Have a version of kindle that has issues if my internet isn't on. I absolutely love button savior,  Flashboot, and have a launcher that I like that the name escapes me.
I got some amazon money and went for a under $100 tablet that had decent reviews, so I bought a Hisense sero 7 lt. It will arrive after Christmas, but am definitely excited to see if a dual core processor with android jelly bean will leave my Novel in the dust. Not having to install Google play will be a huge plus, and have to get old versions of programs. Sad that I couldn't use an SD card and have to get a tiny microsd card. Got an 16gb Kingston coming soon. Before posting this I wrote asking others if I got the wrong version. Oh well, if anyone has good or great experiences with their hisense sero 7 LT let me know. I'm stuck with it now unless it's busted. Argh! :-[

So as a teacher I received some gift cards, which I redeemed to get a under $100 tablet. Hisense seems to have one of the few under $100 tablets that has decent reviews on Walmart, and a particular website. So I went and bought it, in hopes it will be better than my white pandigital novel, which is ok for email, web surfing, ereading, and only some games.
If I had an extra $50 to $75 I guess I could have sprung for the pro, or a nexus 7. Did I make a mistake, or is this a usable tablet, possibly better than my pandigital novel?
Thanks in advance!

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