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Sero 7 Pro Root, Hack, Mod and Development / Lost root
« on: June 29, 2017, 05:15:54 PM »
I'm running DOPA 3.1.10-dopa1 on my Sero 7 Pro, and it has been performing quite well in the last couple of years. But today, I managed to fill the tablet's memory, so I tried to use foldermount (too many games), and when I opened it, I learned that the tablet lost root (SuperSU says the same, ditto for Xposed and all root checkers, even though busybox is still there).
Is there anyway for me to root it again without having to reinstall the whole stuff? It broke my heart doing that last time...

Sero 7 Pro Root, Hack, Mod and Development / Erratic wifi on 7 pro
« on: July 01, 2016, 10:52:19 AM »
Hello folks,

I have my sero 7 pro for more than 3 years. About an year ago it simply stopped working. I changed the stock rom for a DOPA 4.4, and since then it has worked fine. But for the last 3 months, turning wifi on has been an issue. When it is on it works well, and it turns off ok. After a few hours being off (usually when I'm at work), I try to turn it on, but it won't work. The wifi icon on status bar never shows up, and on configuration app, the wifi button never goes into on position. I reboot the tablet and it goes back on. The next day, the same thing happens. And usually after a few hours being off. I could leave it on, but my battery is aging, and doesn't hold that well now (a replacement battery recommendation is also welcome).
Any help will be welcome.

Sero 7 Pro Accessories / 3G dongle
« on: February 20, 2014, 05:07:53 AM »
Hello folks,

Has anyone tried using a 3G dongle with the Sero 7 pro? I'm still looking for the OTG cable, and I wanted to know if it worth the hassle.

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