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Do You Pay for Apps?

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I was just looking at an app that was recommended here and reading some of the reviews. Someone complained about having to pay $1.50 for an app (altlhough there is actually a free version available, as well). While I like the idea of free as much as the next person, I have no problem paying for apps. I'm pretty frugal, but I think it's only fair. Usually the cost is pretty low. I do like apps that let you try them out first, then pay if you find them useful or want to have the Pro version. Even if an app doesn't provide any additional functionality in the paid version, I always choose to pay.

My thinking is that if I could scrape together the money to buy the tablet (which, while very useful, is not essential---like many other items I own that I could get by without but choose not to), then I can come up with a couple bucks to pay the developer. If it's an app I really like and use regularly, I also hope that will help ensure updates as needed so I can keep using my favorite apps.

What do you think?

I have no problem paying a small fee for an app. Some of the apps I have are very useful and well worth a fee.

I agree with you both.  I have no issues paying the developer for his time.   And paid apps don't have ads.  I hate ads, so another plus.  And honestly,  the price of an app is less that a hamburger, pack of cigarettes, candy bar.  It irritates me when I hear people complaining about a buck or two for an app they can download an infinity amount of time and on any device again and again and again.........

now if the app sucks, that another story.... ask for your money back.   :P

I dont mine paying for apps at all.  Thé only thing that bugs me avoir them is the inability to back them up.  So even though you are doing thé right thing by contributing you gavé lésé accèss.  (I'm talking stock android).

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Paying for apps I find useful I support the devs; this is on my Android tablets and iPod Touch.  Plus cost of apps on personal devices is significantly less than software on laptop or desktop.

If we're talking on the PC, I search for open source software or well-known free alternatives:
+ LibreOffice or Open Office (for MS Office)
+ GIMP (for Photoshop-like features and advanced editing)
+ Irfanview (for photo viewer & light editing, fax viewer, scanning initiator)
+ VLC Media Player (for viewing DVDs and playing other media, network streams view and record, basically the "kitchen sink" with regards to anything media)



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