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Author Topic: Finally Replaced my HP Pre3 (WebOS) Phone  (Read 582 times)

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Finally Replaced my HP Pre3 (WebOS) Phone
« on: July 19, 2016, 12:44:46 AM »
I finally got to the point that figured I knew how to make android reasonably secure, so after quite a bit or research I bought a refurb LG G4 H811 (T-Mobile) phone on Ebay for about $170. The screen is spotless, 3 gb ram and 23gb available on the sd card - plus an external sd card and a replaceable battery. I flashed Cyanogen 13, pico gapps, su and xposed, the cpu is very fast, and I'm a happy camper. One oddity is that Disconnect - the vpn I use - does not work with US servers, but it works well and fast using German or European servers. They (Disconnect) are investigating. I have only had the phone for a few weeks, but I realy like it except for one "feature". It's really hard to answer the phone! You have to get the phone icon on the screen and swipe it to the right. I can't do this with one hand. But updating is very simple, as you just download the Cyanogen updates, and TWRP flashes the update on its own. I only had to reflash su and xposed manually. Pretty neat!   

Flashing TWRP was a chore, as only my Win 10 micro would handle adb and fastboot - I tried other pcs for a week with no success.


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